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3 Jul 2020

Surprisingly honest fireworks display I went to the other night.

29 Jun 2020

Great to seen Shell showing support for #Pride this year by committing substantial resources towards changing the world. More from this project here.

4 Jun 2020

There's something weird about this year's Sunday Times Rich List

10 Feb 2020

The 26 richest individuals have hoarded more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet. When we talk about building a sustainable economy we usually mean environmental sustainability, but exponentially increasing inequality is also fundamentally unsustainable. ⁠ ⁠

"As I like to say to my American hedge fund friends, the Hamptons is not a defensible position. The Hamptons is a very rich area on Long Island that lie along low-lying beaches. Very hard to defend a low-lying beach. Eventually people will come for you." - Mark Blyth

12 Jul 2019

First in a new series of animations I made for my good friends at Shell.⁠

More info: www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/burnthefuture⁠

Was first shown at Shangri-La Glastonbury the other week.⁠

Massive thanks to Michelle Tylicki for her advice & After Effects knowledge, and for animating one of the other videos in the series.⁠

18 Apr 2018

Here's a short film I put together for my Empire Air project which opens in Munich on Thursday. Massive thanks to Michelle Tylicki who did the special FX.

24 Jun 2015

The Action Man: Battlefield Casualties film I wrote for Veterans for Peace UK, directed by Price James (Agile Films) and featuring Matt Berry is now online. You can watch it above but please share our dedicated website www.battlefieldcasualties.co.uk which has facts about child recruitment in the British armed forces and details about our MP letter writing campaign.


Action Man poster and postcards available.

29 Jun 2011

Over the last few months I've been editing together this documentary about The Meat Planet with my old pal Mark Tolson. Unfortunately, it is now completely finished and available to view by small children on the Internet.

We have also collated some very important scientific data on The Meat Planet which we have uploaded for your displeasure.

11 Jan 2010

The new Royal Navy recruitment advert taken to it's logical conclusion.

Check out my anti-army recruitment comic.

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