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4 Sep 2019

My work on display as part of the Art The Arms Fair group show which runs until the 13th September in Peckham, raising funds for Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT). All these works are for sale for CAAT. My 'Empire Air' short film is also being shown.⁠

The show is split across three locations:⁠

Safehouses 1 & 2 (137 & 139 Copeland Rd) for the main exhibition, 12pm–8pm weekdays and 10am–8pm at the weekend⁠

AMP Gallery (1 Acorn Parade) for Peter Kennard’s takeover, 12pm–8pm weekdays and 10am–8pm at the weekend⁠

AMP Studios (897a Old Kent R...

10 Jul 2019

Glastonbury was pretty damn great. Thanks to everyone who made it great. Including special thanks to my mushroom juice (see below) which was definitely a great idea.⁠

Also has to be said Block 9 stole the entire festival with the IICON giant head stage. Such genius.

If anyone wants a print or a badge of my It Has To Get Worse poster, they're in the shop

7 Apr 2019

My solo exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle opened on Thursday and runs until the 27th May. Thanks to everyone who made it down, and thanks to Ettrick Scott for curating the show and playing live with the excellent Jazz Riot. Thanks also to Joel Thomson for designing the invites and posters, Steven Brown for hanging the work, John M Hayward for driving to London and back to pick it up, Ross Lewis for sound engineering the gig and giving us all a lift home after, and of course to The Cluny itself, a venue I'd last visited 12 year...

17 Oct 2018

Short video about the #NopetoArms exhibition I had work in recently. Although my work wasn't part of the initial Design Museum show that was the focus of the protest action, I was asked by the artists who were to exhibit alongside them at this brilliant, free exhibition in Brixton last month.

15 Oct 2017

Last weekend I hammered a lot of my work onto the walls of The Other Art Fair as part of the ShangriART area, (a new outsider-art print off-shoot of Shangrila, Glastonbury). Enormous thanks to Justin Carroll and Hannah Logic for helping so much with the set up and tear down, and thanks too to ShangriART crew and The Other Art Fair for getting me involved. I was also able to finish a sculpture I'd been working on for the last month or so, Golf Cart One. I'll have some better photos of it up soon, once I finish adding a few more details. More photos a...

1 Jul 2017

Shell's Climate Solutions Roadshow at Glastonbury, showcasing all the ways oil & gas companies can save the world from oil & companies. Using the past to #burnthefuture. Click here for photos/video of inside.

5 Jul 2016

​Just two days after Glastonbury, Pocket Money Loans opened a new store at Roskilde Festival, Denmark, which has also unfortunately just had to close due to lack of child-customers interested in mindlessly expensive financial products. That said, it was a fantastic festival in a brilliant country. I can't tell if I'm more tired from work, booze or laughing. Massive thanks to everyone who visited and especially those who helped run the shop and kept me on the verge of sanity especially David Matthew Jones, Gary Barber and Kirstie Fleck off of Is Trop...

5 May 2016

Pocket Money Loans is coming to the legendary Roskilde Festival, Denmark this summer!

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