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20 May 2020

An anti-SUV poster I drew before the lockdown. ⁠

It seems a lot of people buy SUV's under the impression these giant city-tractors will protect their children on the school-run, but that comes at the cost of pedestrian safety. You're twice as likely to die being hit by an SUV than you are by any other car.⁠ ⁠

Their height also creates a blind spot around the car which has caused countless horrific accidents involving small children.⁠ ⁠

The safety for the occupants of SUVs is also an illusion. They're twice as likely to roll in crashes and you're 11% mo...

15 Apr 2019

Shout out to everyone at the Extinction Rebellion protests today, in particular to the guy who super glued himself to the door at the Shell HQ with a copy of the anti-Shell logo I designed for my #burnthefuture project. It was also part of a banner they hung from the front of the building (see below). Very happy with that!

If any activists ever need print quality files of my work for protests just get in touch.

14 Jun 2018

Here's a surfboard I painted for Project 0's art auction to raise money for mangrove restoration in the Caribbean. You can bid here.

Unfortunately I had to pull out of the launch exhibition for the auction as I only found out last minute the show was sponsored by Sky TV. 

I'm against all attempts at corporate greenwashing because it promotes the idea that consuming one brand over another can save the planet and that corporations care about these issues when they don't. But its the involvement of Sky in particular which is really galling as the company...

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