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2 Jan 2019

2018 has mostly been a year in which I fraudulently impersonated corporations and governments. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen and who supported, bought, and shared my work. I really fucking appreciate it.

Here’s some of my favourite bits.


After taking part in an anti-Shell greenwashing subvertising campaign, organised by Brandalism, Shell sent me a cease and desist regarding some Hell branded merch in my online shop.

Without the necessary means to fight them in court I used the one legal tool at my disposal: sarc...

26 Apr 2018

 Poster from my EMPIRE AIR installation in Munich which ends on Sunday.

18 Apr 2018

Here's a short film I put together for my Empire Air project which opens in Munich on Thursday. Massive thanks to Michelle Tylicki who did the special FX.

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