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29 Jul 2020

All the flags US astronauts planted on the moon are, by now, bleached white by the sun. In hundreds of millions of years, after every trace of civilisation has been wiped from the surface of the earth, these flags will remain on the moon as a final monument to human existence.

That and, tragically, two copies of Richard Nixon's autograph.

23 Apr 2020

Just finished this companion piece to my 'The Early Bird Murders the Worm' drawing. 

It's a public information poster about the virtues of laziness during a pandemic, (among other occasions.)

2 Mar 2017

Work in progress photo of a drawing I've been working on in Munich at the Positive Propaganda artist residency. I'll be here until May, with a quick stop back in London for The Other Art Fair.

2 Feb 2017

I designed the new Royal Navy recruitment poster that has started appearing around London. Budding recruits should visit royalnavy.org.uk for more information. Big thanks to Special Patrol Group for installation help. More photos and updated project page here.

Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs - it is impossible to use these weapons without also killing ourselves.

A country with nuclear weapons is prepared to destroy the world rather than lose a war. With a single weapon system we hold the planet hostage by the sort of terror you only get from the...

23 Jan 2017

Having fled war and famine only to drown a few miles from the coast of Europe, refugee ghosts are washing up en masse onto British shores, haunting our streets and terrifying the old and angry. Available as a limited edition print. (25% of proceeds go to the MOAS refugee charity.)

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