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10 Jul 2020

If you'd like to populate your nightmares, or the nightmares of your loved ones, with the endless frustration of a recursive jigsaw jigsaw, I've started a Kickstarter to get these made up: www.kickstarter.com/projects/darrencullen/jigsaw-jigsaw

6 Dec 2019

New Eat The Rich screen printed t-shirt and sweater, and a Need The Toilet? shirt are available in my shop.

Printed on ethically made, carbon-neutral garments, that are actually really fucking nice too. Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives labels. And a free sticker!⁠

19 Nov 2018

REPOST: I made these Fake Oyster Card stickers to put over your real Oyster card so it looks fake but still works. It's a massive waste of everyone's time, including yours, and you can get it in the shop.

8 May 2018

 Mr Demotivator is back as a ceramic mug or whatever. Look I don't know. You can get one here.

12 Dec 2017

Waste everyone's time, including your own, with this instantly unconvincing Fake Oyster Card sticker kit. Stick it over your real Oyster card so it looks like a fake Oyster card, even though it still works like a real Oyster card. 
There you have it. 
Why would you do this? 
Don't ask me. You bought it.
From here remember:

30 Aug 2017

Went back to acrylic paints for this one. Not sure why, but the idea of it has been making me laugh for weeks, so here it is. Hang it up in your break room at work.

You can have it as a cheap (£20+) limited edition print if you like from the shop

11 Jan 2017

Make sure to check the snooze button on your smoke alarm works correctly. 

31 Jan 2015

 Available as a limited edition print or a sticker (below)

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