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24 Aug 2020

A new poster inspired by a conversation with me mate Amy Smith who's been organising with the London Renters Union

You can download a printable version of the poster from my subvertising page (for non-commercial use only)

25 May 2020

Not sure why Dominic Cummings tested his eyesight by driving 30 miles to Barnard Castle when he could have taken this simple eyesight test.

6 May 2020

New government guidelines. Stay safe out there.

23 Apr 2020

Just finished this companion piece to my 'The Early Bird Murders the Worm' drawing. 

It's a public information poster about the virtues of laziness during a pandemic, (among other occasions.)

16 Apr 2020

This NHS PPE poster I designed has gone up in London bus stops thanks to Special Patrol Group.

9 Apr 2020

The government is more concerned about the safety of stock market investments than it is about the safety of NHS workers and the population of this country.

Government would not pay for NHS pandemic stockpiling

Government knew since 2016 UK was unprepared for a pandemic

Government knew since January a pandemic was coming

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