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20 May 2020

An anti-SUV poster I drew before the lockdown. ⁠

It seems a lot of people buy SUV's under the impression these giant city-tractors will protect their children on the school-run, but that comes at the cost of pedestrian safety. You're twice as likely to die being hit by an SUV than you are by any other car.⁠ ⁠

Their height also creates a blind spot around the car which has caused countless horrific accidents involving small children.⁠ ⁠

The safety for the occupants of SUVs is also an illusion. They're twice as likely to roll in crashes and you're 11% mo...

12 May 2019

New limited edition screenprint t-shirt. Rather than print a ton of shirts and hope they sell, I'm offering this design as preorder only until the 2nd June. More details here.

9 Mar 2019

A poster I designed about IBM's direct role in the Holocaust has gone up across New York, inc opposite the headquarters of IBM North America. The research on which this poster was based on was from Edwin Black's excellent, yet harrowing book 'IBM and the Holocaust'.

Thomas J Watson, CEO of IBM at the time even received a medal from Hitler for his services to the Third Reich. Watson himself directly profited from the Holocaust, taking 1% on all IBM profits. IBM have named one of their current AI projects 'Watson' in honour of him.⁣

For unsettling added...

8 Feb 2019

Thanks to Special Patrol Group for putting these up and around the London underground. Image is originally from my Mini Daily Mail, available here.

1 Feb 2019

Property developer advert from my Mini Daily Mail which you can read for free online or order a physical copy here: www.minidailymail.co.uk 

16 Nov 2017

This took me a nauseating amount of time. A 1.4m long painting of businesspeople taking over Hell and running it for profit, part completed during my residency earlier this year at Positive Propaganda, Munich. >> Click here for larger version <<

This is also on display at my exhibition at my studio/gallery WAR, click here for details. And you can get it as a large print too.

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