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2 Mar 2020

Just finished this mythologically seditious poster. If you're not familiar with the story, it's said that if the ravens leave the Tower of London the British Empire will fall and the monarchy will collapse. There are a minimum of 6 ravens in the Tower at all times, with one 'spare'. Their wings are clipped to keep them off balance so they can't fly away. I'm doing some limited edition prints, available here.

11 Dec 2019

Billboard spotted in South Ruislip in Johnson's constituency by my old friend Dr. D. More on my toriesout.co.uk page

13 Jun 2019

I found this little Greek goddess in a charity shop and turned it into an updated statue of Britannia.

16 Nov 2018

I'm selling this prescient David Cameron tweet in a lovely frame. 

Any and all profits go towards a Brexit insulin stockpile for my diabetic friend and brilliant artist Laurence Elliott

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