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4 Feb 2019

Very happy to say my 'Great War' print has been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their poster collection.

They have the original 1915 poster already so it should make for a good companion piece.

It appeared in bus stops last year as part of a project in collaboration with Veterans For Peace UK marking 100 years since the end of the senseless slaughter of WWI.

I've made a very limited run of 30 of these prints available on my website: https://www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/product-page/great-war-limited-edition-giclee-print

You can suppo...

2 Feb 2017

I designed the new Royal Navy recruitment poster that has started appearing around London. Budding recruits should visit royalnavy.org.uk for more information. Big thanks to Special Patrol Group for installation help. More photos and updated project page here.

Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs - it is impossible to use these weapons without also killing ourselves.

A country with nuclear weapons is prepared to destroy the world rather than lose a war. With a single weapon system we hold the planet hostage by the sort of terror you only get from the...

27 Sep 2016

On Sunday I had a stall of my work at Momentum's The World Transformed arts and politics festival at The Black-E in Liverpool. Some of my anti-army recruitment work was on display: 'Join the Army' and my 'Make Stuff Dead' mugs along with flyers for Action Man: Battlefield Casualties. This work is supported and endorsed by 100s of veterans, but why would the right-wing press let that get in the way of an opportunity to smear Jeremy Corbyn?

My favourite part of the whole thing was Tory MP Johnny Mercer calling me a "Britain hating anarchist who knows...

1 Sep 2016

Super-soaker filled with fake blood for distressingly realistic fun-like war-action.
"Have you got the guts?"

Get the A3 poster here. Also available as a postcard.

Boxed toy also available for sale, limited edition of 10. Message for details.

6 May 2015

 My new 'MAKE STUFF DEAD' / 'BE THE MEAT' mugs are just £10 and come with an unsettlingly colourful presentation box. Get them here.

11 Feb 2015

My anti-army recruitment comic 'Join the Army' has now SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy!

I've been working with Veterans for Peace UK and director Price James on a series of short films based on the Action Man: Battlefield Casualties poster which came with the deluxe edition of the book. We're going to start production soon and they should be online by the summer. They're going to make you feel sick.

8 Sep 2014

My 'Join the Army' comic is about to go into the V&A permanent collection. Mental.

There's still some copies left!

10 Jul 2014

Repost of an old image from my comic 'Join the Army'. Also available as a print.

15 Nov 2013

Bayeux tapestry style depictions of British military atrocities.

The outside of my comic 'Join the Army' features a 1.5m Bayeux tapestry style version of the Iraq war, but I wanted to expand on this idea for the launch exhibition, so I made these smaller 'tapestries' about other UK military atrocities, (Bloody Sunday and the sinking of the Belgrano). I'm thinking about expanding the series back further, covering historical massacres committed on behalf of the empire worldwide.

They're available as prints.

15 Oct 2013

To celebrate the UK’s burgeoning military drone program I designed a logo for all the loyal and dedicated robots out there destroying humans on our behalf.

Inevitably I also put it on a t-shirt, which you can get from the EU store or N. America store. The image also features in a piece about drone/robot warfare in the deluxe edition of Join the Army.

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