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12 Feb 2020

Extended Bayuex Tapestry: Bloody Sunday. 

Bloody Sunday was a massacre on 30th January 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland, when British soldiers from the Parachute Regiment shot 26 unarmed civilians during a civil rights protest march. 14 people died, 7 of them teenagers. Many of the victims were shot while fleeing from the soldiers, and some were shot while trying to help the wounded. Other protesters were injured by shrapnel, rubber bullets or batons, and two were run down by army vehicles.

The initial tribunal into the killings was a whitewash and exo...

23 Jul 2019

I was invited on the Warrior Nation podcast by ForcesWatch, where we talked about my anti-recruitment art, Action Man: Battlefield Casualties, child soldiers in the British army, and the ways that Hollywood works with the Pentagon to turn movie fans into military recruits (as elaborated on in the below video by Pop Culture Detective)

4 Feb 2019

Very happy to say my 'Great War' print has been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their poster collection.

They have the original 1915 poster already so it should make for a good companion piece.

It appeared in bus stops last year as part of a project in collaboration with Veterans For Peace UK marking 100 years since the end of the senseless slaughter of WWI.

I've made a very limited run of 30 of these prints available on my website: https://www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/product-page/great-war-limited-edition-giclee-print

You can suppo...

22 May 2017

I been up all night finishing this nightmare. Britain desperately needs a new operating system. Download large version here and see/download/print all the anti-tory posters I've designed at (the easy to remember) toriesout.co.uk.

Today is the LAST DAY to register to vote! www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

This is going to be part of a fold-out A4 leaflet (PDF) I'll be sending to 20,000 homes in key marginal constituencies. Everything has been sent to print and I've spent more than was donated so if anyone out there is able to chip in towards the cost of s...

4 May 2017

I was asked by the Conservatives to design an election poster to set out their #planforbritain, which includes a commitment to first-use of nuclear weapons in whichever war Trump decides we're all going to die in.

Download a printable version of this poster here
. It's under a Creative Commons share-alike non-commercial licence. Spread it about and don't forget to register to vote!

30 Apr 2017

The Daily Mail is FURIOUS that JEREMY CORBYN didn't come round my house and stop me drawing this anti-army recruitment comic back in 2013, the same comic that has the full SUPPORT of VETERANS for Peace UK. Even worse, I wrote SICK TWEETS about how Corbyn is GOOD in the PAST WEEK. Scientific proof, if science were even real, that CORBYN HATES TROOPS.

The Sun got hold of it too. I've posted a screen grab below as well as the text from the Mail article if you'd rather not give them ad revenue.

Daily Mail commenters occasionally put the hatred to one side...

27 Apr 2017

Some anti-recruitment propaganda for the next great war. Original available to buy, contact me for details.

If you're not familiar with the old WWI recruitment poster, I've uploaded it below.


22 Apr 2017

Limited edition signed prints available in the shop, size A3 - £60 (£10 off until 4th May use the code NUKE) Edition of 75.

27 Sep 2016

On Sunday I had a stall of my work at Momentum's The World Transformed arts and politics festival at The Black-E in Liverpool. Some of my anti-army recruitment work was on display: 'Join the Army' and my 'Make Stuff Dead' mugs along with flyers for Action Man: Battlefield Casualties. This work is supported and endorsed by 100s of veterans, but why would the right-wing press let that get in the way of an opportunity to smear Jeremy Corbyn?

My favourite part of the whole thing was Tory MP Johnny Mercer calling me a "Britain hating anarchist who knows...

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