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23 Apr 2020

Just finished this companion piece to my 'The Early Bird Murders the Worm' drawing. 

It's a public information poster about the virtues of laziness during a pandemic, (among other occasions.)

2 Mar 2020

Just finished this mythologically seditious poster. If you're not familiar with the story, it's said that if the ravens leave the Tower of London the British Empire will fall and the monarchy will collapse. There are a minimum of 6 ravens in the Tower at all times, with one 'spare'. Their wings are clipped to keep them off balance so they can't fly away. I'm doing some limited edition prints, available here.

5 Aug 2019

Painted this last night based on the signs Japanese whalers hold up when being photographed from the air by Greenpeace. I'm selling the original of this on eBay to raise money for Sea Shepherd UK, who put their bodies on the line in direct actions against whaling and other sea life poaching. You can bid here.

Although I don’t think it can beat the absurdity of the actual signs Japanese whalers hold up when being photographed (see below)

19 Aug 2017

New one. Available as an A2 limited edition print from 7pm Sunday 20th August from the shop.

20 Jul 2017

The greetings card industry is out of control, but what better way to celebrate Flying Ant Day than with this official Flying Ant Day greetings card?

 Available here: https://www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/product-page/happy-flying-ant-day-card

If Flying Ant Day has already happened in your area this year, don't worry, you can always buy a card or ten to have ready for next year's celebrations.

18 Jul 2017

 As seen at Glastonbury 2017 (photo below). Limited edition print available here.

18 May 2015

I've illustrated this handy guide to help you identify the birds in your garden or local park.

Available as a limited edition print, poster, and postcard.

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