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19 Mar 2020

Last week a fake car ad I designed was installed in London as part of Brandalism's #AdBrake project. Massive thanks to Special Patrol Group for the installation and photo! More of my subvertising work here.

27 Sep 2019

I'm going to be doing a talk/workshop called 'The art of parody — what makes a good satirical poster?' at the UK's first anti-advertising conference bringing together activists, artists, planners and community campaigners, in Bristol next month.

The workshop will be alongside Matt Bonner of Revolt Design, who's behind a ton of great activist art & design including maybe most famously the Trump Baby balloon.

There's loads of other brilliant talks on the day, for the full program and how to attend click the link below, also check the FB event.

Fighting f...

23 Jul 2019

I was invited on the Warrior Nation podcast by ForcesWatch, where we talked about my anti-recruitment art, Action Man: Battlefield Casualties, child soldiers in the British army, and the ways that Hollywood works with the Pentagon to turn movie fans into military recruits (as elaborated on in the below video by Pop Culture Detective)

24 Apr 2019

I do some talking in this great short doc from Dog Section Films about subvertising. (21mins).

Also featuring: Jonathan Barnbrook, Dr. D, Hogre, Double Why, Lydia Dagostino, Protest Stencil, Sila Yucel and Special Patrol Group.

Music: Algiers, Biege Thickness, Jonny Drop.

29 Mar 2019

Big thanks to Special Patrol Group for putting up some of my posters on a recent mission around London.


26 Mar 2019

Download or order stickers here: www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/defundthemail

Check list of advertisers:

I've started adding these stickers to the products of companies who help fund racist propaganda by advertising in the Daily Mail.

If you'd like to get involved, you can download & print your own stickers or order pre-printed stickers here. 

The Daily Mail is one of the most vicious and dangerous purveyors of racist propaganda in the UK, and that danger spreads globally through its website.

But like the rest of the media, the Ma...

4 Feb 2019

Very happy to say my 'Great War' print has been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their poster collection.

They have the original 1915 poster already so it should make for a good companion piece.

It appeared in bus stops last year as part of a project in collaboration with Veterans For Peace UK marking 100 years since the end of the senseless slaughter of WWI.

I've made a very limited run of 30 of these prints available on my website: https://www.spellingmistakescostlives.com/product-page/great-war-limited-edition-giclee-print

You can suppo...

24 Aug 2018

Video made by RRU news about the first project I completed during my residency with them in Liverpool. More details on the project page.

23 Jul 2018

Have you considered talking to Jesus Christ about your van hire requirements?

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