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17 Mar 2018

The Action Man: Battlefield Casualties toys and film (as well as my Thomas the Tank and Blood Soakers toys) are part of an exhibition in Finland at Vantaan taidemuseo Artsi about childhood, war and peace, open now.

Thomas the Tank

 Blood Soakers

27 Sep 2016

On Sunday I had a stall of my work at Momentum's The World Transformed arts and politics festival at The Black-E in Liverpool. Some of my anti-army recruitment work was on display: 'Join the Army' and my 'Make Stuff Dead' mugs along with flyers for Action Man: Battlefield Casualties. This work is supported and endorsed by 100s of veterans, but why would the right-wing press let that get in the way of an opportunity to smear Jeremy Corbyn?

My favourite part of the whole thing was Tory MP Johnny Mercer calling me a "Britain hating anarchist who knows...

25 Aug 2016

Just uploaded this clip from last year when Action Man: Battlefield Casualties was on Sky News with Veterans for Peace UK members Kieran Devlin and Ben Griffin eloquently putting the case for why the UK should raise the age of recruitment to 18, while the Ministry of Defence fielded the former head of the army Richard Dannatt to counter our vile and upatriotic accusations.

27 Jun 2015

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties exhibition on this weekend for Armed Forces Day, at Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London (Map). Open 12-8pm.

Includes the toys themselves, dioramas and a screening of the film.

Closes 2nd July.


24 Jun 2015

The Action Man: Battlefield Casualties film I wrote for Veterans for Peace UK, directed by Price James (Agile Films) and featuring Matt Berry is now online. You can watch it above but please share our dedicated website www.battlefieldcasualties.co.uk which has facts about child recruitment in the British armed forces and details about our MP letter writing campaign.


Action Man poster and postcards available.

10 May 2015

For the last year I've been working with Veterans for Peace UK and the director Price James (Agile Films) on turning my Action Man: Battlefield Casualties toys into full blown toy adverts. The three short films for PTSD Action Man, Paralysed Action Man, and Dead Action Man will be released on the 23rd of June and we'll be having a launch exhibition and screening at the Red Gallery in east London that night to celebrate.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/922910557747669/

The show will run until the 2nd of July and I'll be posting more det...

8 Sep 2014

My 'Join the Army' comic is about to go into the V&A permanent collection. Mental.

There's still some copies left!

24 Mar 2014

This Saturday (29th March) from 6pm I'm putting on an exhibition in my soon-to-be-demolished home. You're more than welcome. It's simply going to be almost everything I've made over the last four years. I'm making hundreds of wine too. Here's the FB event. But in case you're allergic to Facebook the address is simply: 1-15 Leswin Place, Flat C, London N16 7NJ. 

Please feel free to spread the word!

21 Oct 2013

As part of my Join the Army comic I made this poster of three Action Man 'Battlefield Casualties'. If you're not already aware of it, the British military have their own line of children's toys which tend to focus on how much fun war is, (called H.M. Armed Forces). I wanted to make something of an antidote to that.

I also recently wrote a short article for Veterans For Peace UK about the project and military advertising in general. You can read it here.

These will been shown at the launch exhibition for the comic, more details here.

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