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13 Dec 2019

Photo: Tomas Dekeyser

The election was clearly a proxy referendum on Brexit. The simple messaging of getting Brexit “done”, with the entire media establishment lined up to attack Labour and Corbyn, and years of extreme-centrist and blue-Labour wrecking actions, including the farce of the engineered antisemitism “crisis”, have led to a situation where we have an actual racist with racist policies as Prime Minister for the next 5 years.

We lost because of Brexit. The left-wing policies in the Labour manifesto were, and remain, popular with voters. But t...

27 Jun 2018

I wrote an article for the New Internationalist about 'Make the Future', Shell's greenwashing carnival of bad ideas, that prompted an activist and artist led backlash and led to Shell's legal retaliations against me and others.

18 Oct 2016

Here's an article I originally wrote for the rebooted International Times about how many conspiracy theories advanced by some on the fringe-left actually originated on the American far-right, and how conspiracy entrepreneurs feed and exploit the fears of their followers to sell nonsense products. Read it here.

"...Conspiracy theories cause immense damage politically by misdirecting those with a genuine interest in exposing and resisting the corruption and barbarity inherent in Western capitalism. Energy is squandered chasing phantoms like chemtrails...

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