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Why Not Join the Fucking Army?
Why Not Join the Fucking Army?
Shiny Shiny Medals
Shiny Shiny Medals
If You Like Football...
If You Like Football...
Iraq Bayeux Tapestry
Iraq Bayeux Tapestry
Test Card
Test Card
Make Stuff Dead
Make Stuff Dead
100% Soldier Meat
100% Soldier Meat
Iraq Bayeux Tapestry
Iraq Bayeux Tapestry
Military Graveyard
Military Graveyard

(Don't) Join the Army - Darren Cullen (2013)

An absurd and potentially offensive satire on military recruitment and the false promises that come with life (and death) in the army. This is my first self-published comic, a 20 page diatribe against war and the organisations we created to fight it. It is printed on a single sheet of paper, folded like a concertina leaflet, the outside featuring a 1.48 metre Bayeux tapestry style recreation of the Iraq war. Inside contains various diagrams, short comic strips and illustrations, all of it entirely hilarious obviously.

I'm also offering a 'deluxe edition' which contains several additional pull out pieces of work, including a 16-page mini-comic, army related adverts, A3 "Battlefield Casualties Action Man" poster, Wheel of Misfortune, postcards and stickers.


"Sickening anti-military propaganda." - Daily Mail

"Brilliant and important. A booklet every young man should read before deciding to join the army." - Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD & Charley's War)

"A brutal piece of satire from an artist whose work is subtle as a brick, but undeniably effective."
4/5 - The Skinny

"Join the Army serves as both a clever piece of graphic design and a defiantly antagonistic refutation of the glorification of combat, and is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing uses of the medium to come across my ‘Small Pressganged’ desk in 2013."
- Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

"When I first saw ‘Join The Army’ I was impressed by how it managed to capture the dark humour of the soldier, the irrational nature of military life and the futility of war. I thought the artist must be a veteran." 
- Ben Griffin, ex-SAS & Paratrooper. Coordinator Veterans for Peace UK.

"Brutal but true."
- Joe Glenton, author of 'Soldier Box', first UK soldier imprisoned for refusing to return to Afghanistan.

"Disgusting booklet.- The Sun

"It's outrageous!- Conservative MP Johnny Mercer.


Action Man: Battlefield Casualties poster
Comes with the Deluxe Edition of Join the Army

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

is now an award-winning short film

starring Matt Berry

directed by Price James

written by Darren Cullen

Click here to watch

Deluxe Edition



- Action Man: Battlefield Casualties A3 poster

- Make Stuff Dead - 12 page mini-comic

- 'Wish You Were Here' postcard
- Military graveyard wallpaper flyer
- Mission Creep / Taliban Burial Services flyer
- Soldier face sticker
- Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives logo sticker


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